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Excellence Since 1970

Khatry’ has been a brand name for more than 40 years in Nepal. The company was founded by Late Mr Kalyan Raj KC (Khatry): ~ Industrialist, entrepreneur and visionary. “Khatry” started its journey as Khatry Feed products Ltd (poultry and livestock feed manufacturer) in 1970 with a vision of developing poultry industries in Nepal and within two decades it became a company of renown nationally and internationally.

It introduced new technologies and was beneficial to thousands of Nepalis by creating a circle of win-win circumstances. In this process, several ‘Khatry’ companies were established from 1980 to 2000: Khatry Livestock & Farm Products ltd (Meat Processing Industry), Khatry & Co. Pvt. Ltd (Import-Export) and Khatry Traders Pvt Ltd (Agent, Representative and mediator).

Now “Khatry” is  registered as “Khatry & CO Pvt. Ltd” incorporated under the company act 2006 of England and Wales, in the United Kingdom to explore its potency to the global market bringing all its connections from Asia to Europe.

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